On the road back home

on Tuesday, 22 August 2017. Posted in Columns

By Leslie Williamson

Early one Sunday morning, I went out on my porch with a hot cup of my dear friend “Joe” and sat down to hear what the Lord was saying and to spend some time with Him. After greeting my many plants and watering them, I sat down to observe and soak in all of what was available for me. Down on the sidewalk I saw what looked like a drunken butterfly. The erratic movements made me wonder until I realized it was a tiny ant trying to carry it. I got a closer look and discovered I was right. There he was this tiny creature doing his best to carry this amazing prize back to his colony. In between my blissful sips of caffeine, I studied my tiny friend and noticed that he was going around in circles and great big loopty loops. A few times, some of his buddies came along and tried to help him get back on the path, but he continued to go his own route, sometimes repeating himself and taking long trips out of the way in a different direction. I watched him refuse the help of his co-workers over and over and wander off the path. But at the end I saw him finally reach his destination.

Seeing this reminded me of how we sometimes get on the wrong path in our determination to do things our own way. We won’t accept the help that God sends to us to help us get back on the right path and instead end up taking the long way back. We take detours and pit stops and ultimately have to start off again where we started in the first place. Seeing that ant from my perspective showed me how God sees us sometimes.

He sees when we are headed (to destruction) and will send things and people that will try to help us, but our stubborn nature won’t let that happen. I can imagine our Lord watching us as we look exactly like that tiny ant that was so determined to carry that butterfly back to his colony on his own terms. As much as I wanted to help him, I couldn’t. Sometimes we ourselves don’t let God help us either. We are so determined to do it our way and the Father allows us to do just that. He sends us help that we refuse. We won’t listen to good counsel or good advice because of stubbornness. But our Creator will allow us to wander until we surrender and He will cause all roads to lead back to him. Remember the prodigal son in Luke 15:11-32? God loves you and wants you to win! Stop taking things into your own hands and allow God to lead you in the right directions. You will save a whole lot of time that way! Until next time beloveds…